How to Know Your Prepaid Card Status in 2019

prepaid card status

You can now comfortably get a prepaid card with supporting services. The stores, banks, and other organizations have now made that possible. In addition to credit cards, currently, you can also access them through stipulated online portals.

These portals help you monitor the card’s activities among other card-related details. In this blog, we are going to shed light on how to know your prepaid card status.

For the prepaid cards issued nowadays, they come with better ways to save and checking on the additional expenses. That is something unheard of back in the day with the traditional credit cards.

As you continue to use the credit card, the related agency (and others too) will provide the nominal specifications. They are linked to the prepaid card to reflect on the usage. Below are some of the credit card services available.

We will highlight them and also show you how you can use them to see the card status online.

How to Know Your Card Status Online Using the Best Card Services In the Market

Prepaid cards will arrive in different colors, shapes, sizes, schemes and benefits, among other things. On the other hand, we will only focus on the critical specifications that a customer considers when selecting a card.

One of the key factors that people look at is the convenience cost. You have to consider this before checking on other elements. After perusing various options, here are the best prepaid cards in the market and how to know their status.

1)      Comcast-Xfinity Prepaid Card Status

This is the biggest telecommunication system in the globe with its conglomerate running things from the US. Comcast and Xfinity are both related. They are responsible for making consumer cables, broadcasting television, providing mobile services and wireless internet.

Their prepaid cards come with a $50-$200 range. To check on the card’s progress and also monitor it, login to the online portal. It will show you the balance and overall card status.

2)    T-Mobile Prepaid Card

T-Mobile is very common in the US and other North American areas. You can get prepaid card services from them. The best part is that they include data offers, minutes for the calls, text messages and a bonus.

For T-Mobile prepaid cards, please create an account with My T-Mobile portal which is web-based. In the portal, you will see the check balance option which shows you the card’s balance and usage.

3)     Sprint Prepaid Card Services

This is another mobile service that offers prepaid cards too. The Sprint cards also come with better offers for various plans. They include unlimited calls and unlimited data, among other remunerative features.

If you have their prepaid card, go to to check on it. Use your card details during the login step.

4)    Cox Prepaid Card Status

The last one on the list is the Cox prepaid card, which is also another well-known brand. You can get banking cards and forex cards which are just a few of the related services. Cox & Kings have various offers and promotional card services, all made for the potential clients.

Once you have a prepaid card from them, it’s easy to check on its status. Just go to the Cox’s Prepaid Card Redemption to access their portal. To get into the account, you will need the account number as one of the login details.


That is how you can know the status of various prepaid cards. If you have any questions about checking the status of your credit card, feel free to leave a comment below. We will gladly answer any questions that come along.